Namihei opened January 1, 2010 at Hase, Kamakura as a Taiyaki bakery.  With previous experience baking bread and bagels in Yokahama, the storekeeper started this Taiyaki store.  Today, you can enjoy not only Taiyaki but many bakery items and yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles) as well.


  Taiyaki is a fish-shaped pancake, but no fish is used at all.  It's a kind of pancake filled with Azuki bean jam called "Anko" which is becoming popular as a healthy sweet throughout the world.


  Each Taiyaki is baked one-by-one in a steel mold, in the Japanese traditional method at Namihei.  It is said that only 40 bakeries are still using this method in Japan, because mass production has become mainstream.  Baking each piece one-by-one is time-consuming and old‐fashioned, but it makes delicious Taiyaki.


Namihei is baking every single piece of Taiyaki with all our love.


  We use the hand-picked leaves for our Japanese tea, and the unprocessed sugar for coffee and tea.  Try our Japanese tea, milk coffee and milk tea.  They are all very popular drinks and complement our Taiyaki here.  Ice cream and shaved ice with flavored syrup are served during the summer.


  You can eat and drink "Zashiki"-style, sit at the inside counter, or take your snack to eat outside.  No matter where you eat, you will find our food enjoyable.Namihei interior

(Zashiki: Japanese-style room where people take off the shoes and sit on mats on the floor.)


  Our staff are very friendly and like Omotenashi (to provide excellent service).  Storekeeper both plays guitar, and is an excellent baker.


See you at Namihei !




  Seasonal menu is announced on our blog.  Sorry about writing in only Japanese, but I hope that you can see some information from the pictures.



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Namihei (なみへい)

1-8-10 Hase Kamakura-city, kanagawa 2480016, Japan

Hours: 10:00a.m.-18:30p.m.

Closed on Monday

(En): http://www.taiyaki-namihei-en.com/

(Jp): http://www.taiyaki-namihei.com/

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