Menu & about Taiyaki

  Taiyaki is the regular menu.  Breads, bagles and soft drinks are changed from day to day. We serve Pirozhki, Pizza and Dessert, too.



Menu as of Nov. 2015


Specially prepared Anko is stuffed. Taste is well-balanced with body that spreads in the mouth.




Our bakery products have the springy mouthfeel because we hand-select the wheat and a natural yeast fungus.  We are making several kinds such as Bread filled with Anko, Rustique, Focaccia etc. 


Also we make Milk-free and Butter-free products for the vegetarians.

This is the soft noodle fried with shrimp and fish powder and vegetables.  You have the choice of sweet sauce or a little bit hot one.




About Taiyaki and Anko

  Taiyai is a fish-shaped Japanese sweets filled with Anko inside.  Anko is the Azuki bean jam.  Its color is similar to chocolate, but tastes different.  Anko is becoming popular outside Japan because it is healthy and contains of much Protein, Vitamin-B1 and B6, Anthocyanin and Polyphenol.  While it is mixed with sugar, it has less sugar and calorie comparing with other sweets.


  If you first eat Taiyaki having a image of something similar to chocolate donuts or crepe, you might feel a little bit strange because its taste is different.


We wish you to enjoy Taiyaki as a new taste to you.


Namihei_about_taiyaki_1 As these pictures show, one Taiyaki is born in one steel mold.  We baked them with the right volume of shell and Anko, looking to the fire, taking the best timing to turn upside down one by one.


kamihei abut Taiyaki2

This time consuming way makes good taste and mouthfeel because we can adjust the doneness for each piece.  Namihei will take this way in the future, too.

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