Kamakura Museum of Literature (Bungaku kan) 鎌倉文学館

Bungaku kan is now the museum of literature.  Many items related to Japanese literature are exhibited.  It was built over 100 years ago by a Marquis coming from one of the most distinguished Japanese families.  Its exterior, interior and garden are worth seeing. (Jp)


Kosokuji Temple 光則寺

Kosokuji Temple is a beautiful and quiet temple.  If you go to Hasedera Temple, you had better visit to that temple, too.  They are very near.  Its garden is known by Kamakura fans for the many kinds of flowers and trees.



From Yuigahama station, Namihei is located at the opposite side to the beach.  However, it's still just a 10 minute walk.  After eating Taiyaki, a walk to the beach could be recommended.



Shopping streets, Restaurants, Museums, Old places and Beach are all in my neighborhood.

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Kamakura map

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